Ayesha at Last!


I thoroughly enjoyed reading Ayesha at Last and it is with pleasure that I review it.
This is the best Muslim/ South Asian romantic comedy book I have read, and I can see why it will be made into a film. It is refreshing to read a well-written traditional Muslim romance.
Ayesha at Last has captivating, deep, and likeable characters that consistently grow throughout the novel. The nice surprise was that the male protagonist Khalid was the most complex and interesting character, even more so than the (still likeable) female protagonist Ayesha.
Uzma’s distinct gift is gently portraying traditional Muslim characters- like Khalid- in an honest, relatable way, rather than the usual stereotypical and judgmental way. For this I applaud Uzma. I found myself rooting for and identifying with Khalid’s awkwardness and earnest intentions.
As a rule I dislike the common theme of Pride and Prejudice homages, because the classic is incomparable, but this book is still a standalone hit.
I was sad when the book ended, and I look forward to the sequel- hopefully with another wedding scene.

Thank you so much Netgalley and Penguin Random House for this ARC!


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