Love Hate & Other Filters- Terrorism with a Twist

I will go on record saying Love Hate & Other Filters is the best Muslim-authored YA book I have read so far. Samira’s introduction of a tough yet timely topic woven into a relatable coming of age high school story is riveting and epic. love hate and other filtersHer thoughtful, understated descriptions of an archetypal abused outcast seeking violent revenge on hundreds hit me to the core. I was thunderstruck with the unsuspecting terrorist at the end. Even I, a Muslim, gave in to stereotypes and believed it was a traditional racist attacker, but was reminded of the similar hopeless, fearful lifestyles that drive people of different backgrounds to these horrible roles.

Admittedly, I skipped this book at first because I assumed it was a shallow, ‘wannabe’ high school story of a POC trying to fit in with mainstream culture. There were actions of the main character, Maya, that I did not agree with, but I overlooked them because of the quality of storytelling, and her young age. Also, I thought it was a story I have heard before, living through 9/11 and prejudice myself, but it turns out it provides a perspective that is valuable.

I can’t recommend this book enough, and I think it deserves more accolades than it has received.


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