NanoWrimo: Ramadan for Writers

Me Nano shirt

Woohoo I partipated in NanoWrimo (National November Writing Month) this year! Like Ramadan, NanoWrimo is a month of intensive activity to build stamina and achieve a goal. But NanoWrimo is for writing, while Ramadan is for fasting.

This year went better for me than last; I felt more confident and engaged with NanoWrimo groups. Most importantly, I’m happy with the changes I made to my novel. Did I write 50,000 words? No. But I made definitive progress on my novel: edits, character building, plot, etc. I can see where it is going and it’s taking shape.

Best of all, I developed a regular writing routine and am now comfortable writing 1000 words a night. 🙂 (Much like Ramadan, where you build up your good habits that you want to continue throughout the year.)

How did Nano go for you?



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